May the wind stay at my back and may angels give me wings to fly.

I started avidly running in April of 2007, 8 weeks after my little boy was born. I was only running about 15 miles a week just to lose baby weight but a friend of mine was thinking of running the Honolulu Marathon. I made the bold move of doing it with her with the simple goal of just to finish. I finished my first marathon in 2008 with a time of 5:13. In 2009 I started running more miles, up to 40 a week when my schedule would allow that much. I signed up for my second Honolulu marathon and finished with a time of 4:48. That was with only 6 weeks of training, two of them being taper weeks. I finished with tears of joy and one other thing, the strong desire to run every runner's dream...BOSTON! I have some real good days and some real bad days but I hope someone finds inspiration in my spirit and strength. If you dig deep enough you will find the strength to do whatever your heart desires. "Don't follow your dreams...CHASE THEM!"

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Post move/healing training

So after way too much downtime to move from Hawaii and to allow my PF to heal (of which it is still lingering), I have finally been able to get my body back in motion. I am starting out slowly and building my miles and have finally worked my way up to at least 6 miles on my runs when I am able to run outside without worry of the kids. If I am forced to do TM time then I try to push myself a little more on speed since my mileage won't be as much as I would like it to be. My outdoor runs are beautiful and I enjoy every one of them! I am trying to stick to running 4 days a week, 2 days of cross-training and weights and core as many days as I can get in with one day off for my entire body to recover, rest and prepare for the following week. I am feeling so much better about myself again. Not having the time to exercise for 2 months was really weighing on my mind. My hips got a little wider but I've also cleaned up my nutrition again. A light breakfast of generally half a cup of granola with fruit or half a cup of plain greek yogurt with fruit and skim milk, lunch is generally a nice salad with all the good stuff and sometimes I'll add shrimp or chicken, dinner is usually light as well and is usually tuna or another type of fish, or chicken salad, baked chicken and any of it with raw veggies like carrots, broccoli, snap peas, etc. My snacks are either fruit or almonds and I'm also drinking a lot of water. After two weeks of this focus I already see and feel the difference.

Due to Rick being overseas, my race schedule will be more like last minute choices as I find sitter's for the kids or I have visitors. However, that does not mean I will not always be training to be race ready. I will also start getting long runs in again gradually. I do not want to overload my right foot and have my PF hurt like it was last year. I have been sleeping with a strassburg sock every night and it seems to be my little miracle worker. It seems to have sped up my healing process by quite a bit. I don't even feel the need to ice anymore and walking around shopping or something is also no longer as bothersome as it used to be.

My DM friends have all inspired me to do my best and that means the world to me!