May the wind stay at my back and may angels give me wings to fly.

I started avidly running in April of 2007, 8 weeks after my little boy was born. I was only running about 15 miles a week just to lose baby weight but a friend of mine was thinking of running the Honolulu Marathon. I made the bold move of doing it with her with the simple goal of just to finish. I finished my first marathon in 2008 with a time of 5:13. In 2009 I started running more miles, up to 40 a week when my schedule would allow that much. I signed up for my second Honolulu marathon and finished with a time of 4:48. That was with only 6 weeks of training, two of them being taper weeks. I finished with tears of joy and one other thing, the strong desire to run every runner's dream...BOSTON! I have some real good days and some real bad days but I hope someone finds inspiration in my spirit and strength. If you dig deep enough you will find the strength to do whatever your heart desires. "Don't follow your dreams...CHASE THEM!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fighting against the odds

So this week I attempted some running. 6 miles one day, then 4 on Friday and 10 today. The 6 and 4 were not bad and neither was the 10 but I can feel the pain coming back in my heel. I ran today a little nervous because yesterday I had shooting pain a few times while I was sitting down. Today I went out strictly for endurance and survival purposes. At mile 2.5 I felt the pain and told myself that I would stop if it happened again but it didn't, so I kept on going for my 10. It felt great to run again and it was a comfortable run no pain or stride being off due to my heel. However, I am doing A LOT of icing to control pain. That being said, I will be visiting with the doctor this week to see what he says (not that I'll listen much I'm sure). I'm not one for going to the doctor anyway and if he tells me to not run for a long time I'm debating when to laugh, before or after I leave the office.

My marathon is in December and it is my last one here in Hawaii and I would hate to bow out. So I figure I will be fighting the odds again this year just like I did last year due to dehydration from medicine. I guess if I get sick I'll just avoid the medicine so I'm at least hydrated and just worry about the PF. ;) I will have to focus on cycling to help keep my cardio in check and pray that I can pull off a long run on weekends and ice the foot the whole week. I know it takes a very long time for PF to heal so I'm hoping to push through enough training to carry me 26.2 miles. I can rest afterwards and I'm sure I will need it after this.

Telling a runner not to run is like telling a baby not to crawl, we do it anyway because we love the adventure it brings us.

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